Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old duck hunters still enjoy making the effort

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I tried to let you hear the mallards and squealers I was stalking yesterday around 2:45 by calling you and hoping the sounds would pickup on my cell phone.  Your answer machine responded but it didn't sound like it worked properly.

I was sneaking up on about 40 mallards and wood ducks who were bunched up on a small swampy area just off Turkey Creek near Green Light Road west of Chase, LA This is way up the E fork of Turkey Creek Lake, really above the lake.  Linda has a 1st cousin who farms land with access to this spot and I only had to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to it with my car left in a relatively secure spot.

I knew there could be ducks at this spot and I was planning to use the poke boat on the creek; the little brake was en route.  I called while prone and looking through button willows at the mass of ducks.  It was exciting tp be so close.  Finally they jumped, in two waves, and I shot unsuccessfully 3 times.  They were behind a lot of branches and I probably shouldn't have tried for them.  The mallards didn't return but the squealers did and I passed on shooting them although I could have.

That was before the severe cold hit today so there was plenty of free water.  This morning there was only a couple of open spots.  No ducks came there so about 11 today I went sneaking over to the creek and found 5 mallards and 15 squealers.  However, after the previous day's strenuous drag of the poke boat, I had left it in the truck.  My only option was a careful sneak up to the edge which I did accomplish and had a second or two of opportunity for pot shootng the mallards.  I passed since I didn't think I could retrieve them even if I could kill some.

It was very cold to this old man today so I finally gave up around 1 and headed back to BR.  I scouted a couple of access points on the lake proper, highway 128 crossing between Gilbert and Jigger, and a boat launch at the SE end of the peninsula between the E and W fork of the main lake.  However, the lake has been drawn down for Salvinia control and hunting would be very difficult.  I think the upper Turkey Creek was full due to beaver dams between where I hunted and the 128 bridge.

I'm not sure I'll have the energy to make another trip this year.  

Ed Green

Friday, January 7, 2011

Please speak up now: Full disclosure of chemicals used in fracking is open for comment to the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission

To those interested in the natural gas development in Arkansas:

Pittsburgh stands first in the country to have banned the fracking process from their city.  Attending the rally before the vote was Josh Fox giving a spirited speech.  I thought you would be interested to hear the passion he displays even after the long involvement he has had with this project.

Update on Arkansas activity:

Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission - 

Jan. 10th is the cutoff date to make comment requesting full disclosure of all fracking chemicals by CAS identification.  While there have been improvements made to the Oil & Gas Commissions rule on disclosure, it is incomplete by failing to incorporate the Federal standards for proprietary secrecy.  A simple request that they finish to the job of disclosing chemicals for public safety and land owner consideration is in order.  Request that all comments be extended to the commissioners as well.  Use the following information to make comment:

Copy to:  Commissioners - Chad White, Chairman, W. Frank Morledge, Charles Wohlford, Bill Poynter, Mike Davis, Kenneth Williams, William L. Dawkins, Jr., Jerry Langley, and Chris Weiser

Mr. Lawrence C. Bengal, Director
Production and Conservation
Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
301 Natural Resources Drive, Suite 102
Little Rock, Arkansas 72205

Subject:  Full disclosure of chemical constituents used in natural gas fracking

Issue:  The current B-19 ruling is incomplete in providing limited claims for proprietary formulas.  The best approach would be full disclosure of every constituent by CAS identification, but at minimum the Federal guidelines for trade secrets should be included in the rule in their entirety.  The current wording is incomplete and does not provide how secrecy would be granted or what percentage would be allowed.

Thank you for assisting with this important comment, if you are able to help.  Pass the word.