Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old duck hunters still enjoy making the effort

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I tried to let you hear the mallards and squealers I was stalking yesterday around 2:45 by calling you and hoping the sounds would pickup on my cell phone.  Your answer machine responded but it didn't sound like it worked properly.

I was sneaking up on about 40 mallards and wood ducks who were bunched up on a small swampy area just off Turkey Creek near Green Light Road west of Chase, LA This is way up the E fork of Turkey Creek Lake, really above the lake.  Linda has a 1st cousin who farms land with access to this spot and I only had to walk about a quarter of a mile to get to it with my car left in a relatively secure spot.

I knew there could be ducks at this spot and I was planning to use the poke boat on the creek; the little brake was en route.  I called while prone and looking through button willows at the mass of ducks.  It was exciting tp be so close.  Finally they jumped, in two waves, and I shot unsuccessfully 3 times.  They were behind a lot of branches and I probably shouldn't have tried for them.  The mallards didn't return but the squealers did and I passed on shooting them although I could have.

That was before the severe cold hit today so there was plenty of free water.  This morning there was only a couple of open spots.  No ducks came there so about 11 today I went sneaking over to the creek and found 5 mallards and 15 squealers.  However, after the previous day's strenuous drag of the poke boat, I had left it in the truck.  My only option was a careful sneak up to the edge which I did accomplish and had a second or two of opportunity for pot shootng the mallards.  I passed since I didn't think I could retrieve them even if I could kill some.

It was very cold to this old man today so I finally gave up around 1 and headed back to BR.  I scouted a couple of access points on the lake proper, highway 128 crossing between Gilbert and Jigger, and a boat launch at the SE end of the peninsula between the E and W fork of the main lake.  However, the lake has been drawn down for Salvinia control and hunting would be very difficult.  I think the upper Turkey Creek was full due to beaver dams between where I hunted and the 128 bridge.

I'm not sure I'll have the energy to make another trip this year.  

Ed Green

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